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Student life at Bruriah is fun, meaningful and filled with friends.  At Bruriah, each girl has the opportunity to find her true voice and grow to her full potential. Activities, events, trips, clubs, teams and more are all designed with the student in mind.


Bruriah students express themselves, explore diverse interests and become leaders in the community through an array of activities, events, trips, clubs, teams, committees and events. Bruriah’s whole-student approach to student life and education is manifest in everything we do.  And at Bruriah, there is something for every interest. Click the links below to learn more about our incredible Student Life Activites:


Course Electives

3-D Design, App Inventor, Aleks ACT/SAT Prep, Art History, American Sign Language, Beit Midrash, Computer Graphics, Creative Writing, DBQ Prep for AP History, Israel Advocacy, Journalism, Latin, Pre- Mock Trial, Music History and Theory, Robotics, Shakespeare and Themes (Torah Hashkafa in Modern Society)     


Go Lightning!

At Bruriah, students benefit from a robust athletics department and comprehensive physical education program.  Whether you are an avid player or just becoming interested our rich athletics program has something for you.  When you play for the Lightning, you are part of a rich winning legacy that spans decades.  


  • 3 Basketball teams
  • 3 Vollyball teams
  • 2 Soccer teams
  • Softball team
  • Swim team

Academic Teams 

Bruriah’s academic teams enable girls to positively share competitive experiences with other girls who have similar interests.  Students on team also develop critical skills that will empower them to succeed throughout life.  Teams are comprised of students from all grades and are coached by our expert educators. 

Teams include:

  • Mock Trial
  • Torah Bowl
  • Debate


Trips, Programs and Projects

 Museums, Lectures/Authors, Career Day, Lunch and Learn, Theater, Seminars/Workshops, Layl Iyun, Chidon Tanach, NJ Science League, Russian Olympiada, Inter- School Programs, Essays/Poetry/Art, Freshman Shabbaton, Sophomore Shabbaton, Junior Shabbaton, Senior Shabbaton and much more…     


  • Leebi Bamizrach - News From Israel
  • IMG 6896 2Soundbytes - Student Website
  • The giving Tree - A Chesed Newsletter
  • Directions - A Student Literary Magazine
  • Haggadah Shel Pesach - An Annotated Haggadah



Up the Down Staircase

Flowers for Algernon

12 Angry Women

Wait Until Dark

Annual Musical Extravaganza

And much much more...!