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Thinking back over the last two years, we have made significant strides in cultivating the JEC that we are all proud to send our children to. There is still progress to be made, as there will always be room for further improvement. Whether it’s in communication or day to day occurrences in and out of the classroom, we are committed to making this year the best yet. I write this with confidence on the heels of an amazing retreat in which your dedicated administrators, our leaders, met off-site and out of sight for two full days focused on one topic: how to further enhance the culture of our school to feel that we are all - admin, faculty, and parents - one team working together for each and every child. The mood, ideas and brainstorming were inspiring and the feeling going into the new school year is refreshing.

We are about to enter into a new phase of JEC, with the addition of enthusiastic and talented leaders, who are positioned and ready to produce a wonderful year. To help provide some clarity as to who is in what capacity, I will use this venue as a means of simplifying. There will also be a whom to contact for what sheet available on our website.


Morah Lani Krausz is our Director of Early Childhood. She is responsible for overseeing the vision, big picture and day to day for the Early Childhood. She works hand in hand with the Morot on curriculum, programs and student needs.

Dr. Goldie Grossman is our Assistant Principal for Grades 1-5. She is the primary contact person for questions regarding big picture and day to day in the Elementary School. She is also the vision of the General Studies curriculum.

Rabbi Ben Pomper is our Assistant Principal for Grade 1-8. He is the primary contact person for questions regarding big picture and day to day in the Middle School. He is ultimately responsible for all Judaic Studies.

 Mrs. Malkie Singfer is our Director of Special Services for Grades P-8. She is the primary contact person for questions regarding student services, county services, evaluations, modifications, push in or pull out Learning Lab support and any other way that we can better differentiate and personalize the learning for each child.

Dr. Rebecca Mischel is our Director of Guidance for Grades J-5. She is the primary contact person for questions regarding each child’s emotional well being and feelings of self. She facilitates classes on social skills, defeating bullying, empowerment and togetherness.

Mrs. Ariana Reich is our Judaic Studies Curriculum Coordinator. She will be working with First through Fifth Grade Morot, overseeing and guiding the Judaic Studies curriculum. She will work hand in hand with the Morot deciding what to teach, the pacing of the curriculum, technological components of the programs and the presentation of assignments and projects. Rabbi Pomper will be working with the Rabbeim for Third through Eighth Grades.

In my next blog, I plan on sharing all our exciting new hires for classroom and support teachers.

Before I conclude this first blog, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank every faculty member who has contributed to our school’s story. We have had great teachers be a part of our children’s lives for many years. This summer marks a transition for several teachers and as we welcome our new faculty members, I would like to take a moment to publicly recognize the impact that each teacher has made on children and families.